Moody 346 Bilge Keel - Aquadance Comments
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Moody 346, Bilge Keel - Aquadance - SOLD
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Moody 346 Bilge Keel - Aquadance -

Builder's Comments

The design brief for the Moody 346 was an interesting challenge for her designer, Bill Dixon, as she had to follow in the footsteps of her highly successful predecessors, but as expected, this challenge has been admirably met. The Moody 346 represents the most up-to-date thinking of the cruising yacht concept which acknowledges the equal importance of good sailing performance, "livability", style and the most important requirement of all ­ strength and robustness.

Her good sail area/displacement ratio, long waterline and high prismatic coefficient ensures her ability to maintain high average cruising speeds under a variety of wind conditions, and good ballast ratio and generous beam gives excellent stability. Underwater the fairly long NACA sectioned aerofoil keels and partial skeg-hung balanced rudder ensure good direction stability and effortless handling.

Very careful attention has been given to the interior of the Moody 346 not only to make her exceedingly comfortable but also practical for long distance sailing, particularly in areas such as the galley, chart space, stowage arrangements etc. ....

Owner's Comments

What I liked about the Moody 346 was it is an ideal and safe family boat with a centre cockpit which is large and easy to move around.

Moody 346 Bilge Keel - Aquadance

We have used the boat as a live-aboard over the years and found it very comfortable to be on for long periods of time.

We have had four adults and two children on board and managed very well... Lots of room for cooking and sitting down for meals.

She is a lovely boat to sail and is well balanced, light to handle on the wheel. Under sail or motor, she can manage 6-7knots with no trouble and always feels safe.

A lot of boats don't like going astern; with her three bladed prop she tends to kick to port, but is OK if taken gently.

Lots of room for children in all cabins and room to spare for dolls and teddies, plus a high chair for a small child.



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