About us

Easternyachts provides services to buy and sell boats and canoes upon request of customers
Based on customer needs, we will advise the types of ships, yachts, canoes, high-speed boats to suit the individual needs of customers. Our system connects with the world’s leading Yacht Agents / Brokers; help you order the fastest yacht.

Consulting import procedures, yacht purchase and sale contracts, yacht insurance,….

Easternyachts.com sells cheap new 100% new yachts and used yachts.
In recent years, the yacht market has been on the rise. The trend of tourism on yachts is increasingly blooming in Vietnam, especially in geographic locations near the sea such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, or large river areas such as the Mekong, …

The trend of tourism on cruise ships in the Asian region is increasing at a very good rate, including the Vietnamese market, so there will be many companies arriving in Vietnam. With such positive signals, many experts predict that in the next 5 years, the market for yacht trading will explode. The evidence is that many boat and yacht brokerage companies have set up offices in Vietnam. Yachts are currently very attractive, so in order to anticipate the boom in the coming time, Esternyachts was established to join hands with yacht distribution companies to introduce customers to customers of new 100 yachts. % and used yachts.

Distributed in Vietnam by the following brands:
Azimut Yachts, Baykiner, Fairline, Galeon …

Used yacht business for use
In addition, Easternyachts also sells used yachts, and provides warranty and maintenance services as well as installation of additional equipment.

We also advise and assist in recruiting crew, finding berths for yachts and canoes, and planning maintenance.

Our core principles are high service standards, working with leading manufacturers in the market, providing high-quality equipment and our commitment to fulfill our responsibilities, to deliver you best products and services